G.L. Berg Entertainment being located in the Midwest means you can take advantage of our roster of local talent in an area of the United States that you might not regularly visit with your live auditions.  Trust us, the talent pool here is deep.  Additionally, a large part of our roster is made up of national and international talent, who have come to us through auditions and recommendations. 

Our roster is thoroughly vetted during our auditioning process.   With experience in performing in the cruise industry ourselves, we understand the talent is just one aspect of what is needed to be a successful and impactful team member while at sea. 

Paperwork and the onboarding process.  We know it and we handle it, according to your preference.  We have relationships with medical facilities, we can answer most questions our clients have about ship life (so they’re not asking you), and we are detail-oriented. 


Most of all, we love this industry and we work hard to make your job easy.